Work Away

Presented with the opportunity to work full-time from nearly anywhere, I set off on a cross-country road trip for four months in 2012. Since I wanted to document my adventure, I took my first serious foray into the world of coding to make this responsive website. It helped me connect with friendly people working in technology and design across the U.S.

Feed & Report

Information Architecture, Responsive Web Design, Icon Design, Some CSS/HTML

Car Covers Direct

Information Architecture, Responsive Web Design, Icon Design

Work Away

Responsive Web Design, Illustration, Copywriting, CSS/HTML

Dynamic Realty

Information Architecture, Web Design, Illustration, Logo Design

Image Archive

Information Architecture, Web Design

10-4 Good City

Responsive Web Design, Illustration, Logo Design, CSS/HTML

R.I.P. Internet Explorer

Responsive Web Design, Illustration, Copywriting

Tasting Series

Print design, Fine art, Illustration, Logo Design