Car Covers Direct

I worked with the OrangeCoat team to simplify the purchase process of car covers and related products on this complex ecommerce site. I produced wireframes, designed the overall visual style, and mocked up the layouts of key pages. Check out the live site to see how it's responsive.

Feed & Report

Information Architecture, Responsive Web Design, Icon Design, Some CSS/HTML

Car Covers Direct

Information Architecture, Responsive Web Design, Icon Design

Work Away

Responsive Web Design, Illustration, Copywriting, CSS/HTML

Dynamic Realty

Information Architecture, Web Design, Illustration, Logo Design

Image Archive

Information Architecture, Web Design

10-4 Good City

Responsive Web Design, Illustration, Logo Design, CSS/HTML

R.I.P. Internet Explorer

Responsive Web Design, Illustration, Copywriting

Tasting Series

Print design, Fine art, Illustration, Logo Design